Fondazione Courmayeur - Centro Internazionale su Diritto, Società e Economia

campanile di Courmayeur

Institutional objectives

The Courmayeur Foundation proposes to further the analysis oftoday's great issues with an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinaryapproach, bringing the country's best academics, parliamentarians andgovernors to the Aosta Valley. Its main objective can be found in Art.2 of its Bylaws: "to promote, develop, coordinate research,studies, experiments and meetings, in order to further the analysis ofmodern society's issues in law and the economics, while payingparticular attention to their international aspects".

The Foundation offers grants and bursaries to those who intend to make a dedicated analysis of the issues involved.

The Foundation also organises, directly and indirectly, conferences,congresses, seminars and events designed to publish and communicate theresults of the research projects and the studies that it has sponsored.

The Foundation finds its partners and associates among the ranks ofacademics, legislators, experts, national, international andtrans-national politicians and administrative officials inorganizations such as UNO and UNESCO as well as in Non-GovernmentalOrganizations.

This international aspect is not permitted to diminish therelationship that the Foundation has with the Aosta Valley AutonomousRegion and the local communities. This relationship has been reinforcedwith the creation of the "Laurent Ferretti" Mountain Observatoryand the organisation of local and regional events.

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