The Foundation’s main aim is to promote, develop and coordinate, principally at Courmayeur, research, studies, experiments and the organisation of meetings for further analysis and to publish factual knowledge concerning contemporary social issues of law and economics, with a particular focus on the international context.

The "Laurent Ferretti" mountain observator

The “Laurent Ferretti” Mountain Observatory was founded in 1994 as part of the Foundation itself with the following aims:

  • to promote an exchange of ideas concerning the mountains, with the contribution of qualified partners;
  • to develop a multi disciplinary research project with a beyond borders focus;
  • to efficiently distribute the results of the research.

Starting in 2002 the Observatory Centre has carried out these projects with 5 different well-defined projects:

  • long term development in mountain regions;
  • assistance to mountain populations and businesses;
  • protection of mountain environment and territory;
  • specific policy for mountain areas;
  • mountain languages, culture and social characteristics.

As the Mountain Observatory is based in Courmayeur it is perfectly placed to enjoy a privileged relationship with the Aosta Valley Region, whilst not ignoring the international aspect.

The Mountain Observatory is structured in a particularly flexible fashion, as defined by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, so that it can always be transformed to meet with the Foundation’s requirements. At the moment it has a President and two Vice Presidents.

The Foundation activities

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