The Foundation’s main aim is to promote, develop and coordinate, principally at Courmayeur, research, studies, experiments and the organisation of meetings for further analysis and to publish factual knowledge concerning contemporary social issues of law and economics, with a particular focus on the international context.

Research programmes and methodology

If the Foundation wants to achieve a “certification of quality” it must adopt a research methodology or create a “standardised” procedure for all research projects that will insure the integrity of final results.
The methodology and organisational criteria used by the Foundation is based on a precise model.

Every programme refers to a clear, well defined and independent conceptual outline that involves a time limit and during which its progress could combine with or even be the stimulus behind new programmes. Interaction between programmes is frequent.

This method allows the Foundation to manage its professional and human resources in the best possible way, using full time staff and a network of external consultants, individual academics or Institutes in Italy, Europe and in many other countries.

The network of associates is in constant flux depending on the development of research programmes.
From a research perspective the Courmayeur Foundation always adopts a multi disciplinary and international approach to scientific activity. Multidisciplinary in the sense that the approach to scientific activity is always on various levels of analysis encompassing more than one discipline; international as it considers various cultures; scientific and social as it is often outside national borders.

The Scientific Committee and the Foundation’s Board of Directors are responsible for the general organisation of the research activities. They define whether the project will last one or more years. The Board of Directors will also decide on the budget required for the project as well as on the financing methods.

This organisational structure will, on one hand, ease procedures and, on the other, resolve the problems that always come up in the research sector : lack of planning and coordination, the difficulty of transferring results to the outside world/to the society, lack of criteria against which single researchers’ or institutions’ results are judged.

The Foundation activities

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